I have taken several photography classes but am still very much an amateur. I still love experimenting with a camera so, here are a few of my favorites.

DSC03606 - Copy DSC03569 DSC03481 DSC04278 DSC04276 DSC04216 DSC04183 DSC04145 DSC04136 DSC04134 DSC04128 DSC04728 DSC04719 DSC04716 DSC04715 DSC04709 DSC04775 DSC05469_edited-1 DSC09106 DSC00072_edited-1 DSC00063_edited-1 copy   DSC00011_edited-1 copy DSC00010_edited-1 copy DSC00572 DSC00653_edited-1 copyDSC00720DSC01252_edited-1 copyDSC00715 copy2 DSC00713_edited-1 copy DSC00663 DSC00583_edited-1 DSC01254 copy DSC01074 DSC01030 copy DSC01020_edited-1 copy DSC01000_edited-1 copy Madison heart frame DSC00983 copy DSC00975 copy DSC01294b&w DSC03306 DSC03304 DSC03303 DSC03287DSC03205 DSC03208 DSC03171 DSC03217DSC03219DSC03223DSC03162 DSC03155DSC00197 DSC00186 DSC02938 DSC02933 DSC02904 DSC02900 DSC02880 DSC02860 DSC02849 DSC02836 DSC02832-1 DSC02826 DSC02821 DSC02817 DSC02816 DSC02814 DSC02702 DSC03026 DSC03022 DSC03021 DSC03020 DSC03018 DSC03017 DSC03016 DSC03009 DSC03007 DSC03002  DSC02466 DSC02475 DSC02587 DSC02607DSC06380_edited-1 DSC06504_edited-2 DSC06581_edited-2 DSC06683_edited-1

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