Stupid Christmas Lights!!!!

I remember why I stopped hanging Christmas lights outside!:-( I am making my third trip to target in two days for the same stinking string of lights that I’ve been attempting to hang now since yesterday!! I had purchased a beautiful string of lights to be the showcase of our front porch. And I bought an awesome little stapler gun thingy that is specifically designed for hanging lights so I figured this would be a snap 🙂 So I got all of my materials ready out on the front porch yesterday and went to hang up these beautiful icicle shaped lights only to discover one of the icicles was missing 🙁 There were supposed to be 20 and there were only 19 🙁 I put all of my materials away including The other sets of lights that were going to attach to the beautiful icicles. Anyone who knows me knows that returning things is not especially my strong suit :-/ In fact normally I would rather throw something away and take the financial loss instead. But this was different! I was bound and determined to get these lights up. I went back today and low and behold, there were no more:-( So I settled for the next best thing. I bought these awesome little globe thingies that have their own remote control with 16 crazy settings:-) I took them home and loaded up my awesome staple gun thingy and climbed onto the porch railing clinging to the gutters with my finger nails. I hold up the end of the light cord thing and go to use my awesome staple thing. Nothing! It jams! I attempt a million more times only to become more and more frustrated! So I take it into the house to “fix,” it. I tried everything but couldn’t get it opened and was ready to give up. I was walking towards the door when the stinking thing decides to fire, barely missing blinding my dog who I haven’t seen since this incident. So with the gun fixed I go back to work only to find that it is useless. I get an assortment of random nails and screws laying around and a few that I found in the porch wall that I pulled out and attempt to hang off of the railing while alternating between hammering, dropping nails, and hitting my fingers. I get the lights up and turn them on!!!:-) Beautiful blue lights:-) Ok so now I want to see what this baby can do! I open the box to get the remote control and it’s not even in there! Now I am back at target with a picture of the stupid lights cause I sure as *#$@ am not going to take them down to return them!!! Somebody will pay with their life if I don’t leave target with a remote!

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