November Date Night

An Evening In Paradise

I attempted to re-create a scene from the Arabian Nights…costume and all:-) I created a tent-like structure in our family room and incorporated some Middle Eastern decorations, furniture and food. We enjoyed a bottle of wine and a ridiculous amount of food from a local Lebanese/Middle Eastern restaurant called Beirut. My husband was allowed 3 wishes. He chose to have a foot massage.  The rest can be left to the imagination. It was very relaxing and just nice to actually spend an evening together.

I created the lamps using a variation of canning jars but any glass jar would work. I painted the outside of the jars with a mixture of Mod Podge and a few drops of paint. It took a couple of coats but it almost gives it a sea glass type of look. Then I took gold fabric paint tubes and decorated the jars with traditional designs. I put the battery operated flickering flameless votive candles. For the tent, I screwed tiny hooks in the ceiling and placed dowel rods in the hooks and draped the fabric over the dowel rods. The material was gathered and draped to the center. I used another hook and tied the ends together using a strip of cloth and then placed an edge of the strip into the hook.

There was also a bucket with dry ice in it that didn’t quite work the way I had anticipated. My guess is that the bucket was too tall and the fog dissipated too quickly. I had hoped to just add to the mystical, dreamy quality of the evening. Better luck next time.

DSC00208 DSC00207 DSC00205  DSC00201 DSC00196 DSC00186 DSC00199 DSC00197 DSC00202  DSC00195  DSC00177 DSC00176 DSC00175 DSC00174  DSC00171 DSC00168 DSC00167   DSC00209 DSC00177 DSC00203 DSC00208 DSC00205 DSC00210 DSC00172 DSC00166

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